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Improved DC performance of crosslinked polyethylene insulation depending on a higher purity
Super-clean crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) has been widely used in DC power cables. In order to understand the nature of purity dependence of electrical insulation performance, two kinds ofExpand
Surface modification of nanofibrous matrices via layer-by-layer functionalized silk assembly for mitigating the foreign body reaction.
The inherent hydrophobicity and large surface area of electrospun synthetic polymeric scaffolds often cause non-specific protein adsorption, thereby influencing macrophage functions and eventuallyExpand
Effect of substrate stiffness on hepatocyte migration and cellular Young's modulus
Hepatic fibrosis progress accompanied by an unbalanced extracellular matrix (ECM) degradation and deposition leads to an increased tissue stiffness, and there may be a potential relationship among substrate stiffness, cellular Young's modulus and the dynamic balance of integrin‐β1 and β‐catenin pathways. Expand
The use of mechano growth factor to prevent cartilage degeneration in knee osteoarthritis
  • Y. Song, Kang Xu, +7 authors Li Yang
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of tissue engineering and regenerative…
  • 1 March 2018
It is demonstrated that MGF treatment can inhibit the pathological apoptosis of OA chondrocytes and promote the proliferation, migration, and matrix synthesis of the chondROcytes, and suggest a potential therapeutic application of MGF for OA treatment. Expand
Construction of three-dimensional net-like polyelectrolyte multilayered nanostructures onto titanium substrates for combined antibacterial and antioxidant applications.
The results indicated that the combination of NFs and the bacteria-triggered antibiotic-releasing coating could be used for the tailored co-delivery of antibacterial and antioxidant agents from various metallic implantable devices to effectively improve early bone healing even under ROS stress and decrease the risk of biofilm-associated infections in patients. Expand
Synthesis of N-alkyl isatins via oxidative cyclization of N-alkyl 2-bromo(chloro)acetanilides.
The reactions of N-alkyl 2-bromo acetanilides actually performed well even in the absence of any metal catalyst, and best results were obtained with a catalytic amount of CuI. Expand
Nanoparticle dispersion and distribution in XLPE and the related DC insulation performance
In this paper, loading content was adjusted and nanoparticle surface modification by silane coupling agent was applied to obtain different XLPE/TiO2 nanocomposites. Polymer surface etching, aExpand
Mechanical injury and IL-1β regulated LOXs and MMP-1, 2, 3 expression in ACL fibroblasts co-cultured with synoviocytes
SCs can either inhibit or increase LOX production in the presence of IL-1β, while promoting the accumulation of MMP in injured ACLfs, which may provide crucial insights into the mechanisms underlying ACL poor healing capacity after injury. Expand
Isolable Boron Persulfide: Activation of Elemental Sulfur with a 2-Chloro-Azaborolyl Anion.
The novel boron persulfide 2 LB(η(2) -S2 ) (L=[ArNC(R)CHC(R)](-) ; Ar=2,6-Me2 C6 H3 , R=tBu) was obtained by the reaction of the 2-chloro-azaborolyl anion 1 (LBCl)K(THF) with 0.25 equiv of elementalExpand
Multi-functionalized nanofibers with reactive oxygen species scavenging capability and fibrocartilage inductivity for tendon-bone integration
Abstract The presence of excessive reactive oxygen species (ROS) after injuries to the enthesis could lead to cellular oxidative damage, high inflammatory response, chronic inflammation, and limitedExpand