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Preserving the privacy of electronic medical records (EMRs) is extremely important especially when medical systems adopt cloud services to store patients’ electronic medical records. Considering both the privacy and the utilization of EMRs, some medical systems apply searchable encryption to encrypt EMRs and enable authorized users to search over these(More)
The widely adopted i-vector performances well in text-independent speaker verification with long speech duration. How to integrate the state-of-the-art i-vector framework into the text-prompted speaker verification is addressed in this paper. To take advantage of the lexical information and enhance the performance for speaker verification with random digit(More)
The Hierarchical Identity-Based Encryption (HIBE) scheme can efficiently provide confidential communication and privacy protection to online social networks. However, the inherent key escrow problem and the secure key distributing problem primarily hinder the widespread adoption of the cryptographic scheme in practice. To address the key escrow problem,(More)
For Securing BGP Protocol, this paper proposes an identity-based private key infrastructure (iPKI) for managing self-attested IP (sIP) addresses. An sIP address endows the current IP address self-attested characteristic, which does not rely on any credential based PKI. Based on the sIP address, we design the In-Band Self Origin Verification (IBSOV) protocol(More)