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Here we propose a novel quartz micromachined gyroscope. The sensor has a simple cross-fork structure in the x-y plane of quartz crystal. Shear stress rather than normal stress is utilized to sense Coriolis' force generated by the input angular rate signal. Compared to traditional quartz gyroscopes, which have two separate sense electrodes on each sidewall,(More)
It is reported in the published literature that the resonant frequency of a silicon micromachined gyroscope decreases linearly with increasing temperature. However, when the axial force is considerable, the resonant frequency might increase as the temperature increases. The axial force is mainly induced by thermal stress due to the mismatch between the(More)
We report observation of electron self-injection and acceleration in a plasma accelerator driven by the Texas petawatt laser at 10<sup>17</sup> cm<sup>&#x2212;3</sup> plasma density, an order of magnitude lower density than previous self-injected laser-plasma accelerators.
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