Peishun Wang

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A dynamic accumulator is an algorithm, which merges a large set of elements into a constant-size value such that for an element accumulated, there is a witness confirming that the element was included into the value, with a property that accumulated elements can be dynamically added and deleted into/from the original set. Recently Wang et al. presented a(More)
The Internet already became the main carrier of reflecting the educational information. The Internet Education Public Sentiment forms rapidly, greatly affects the society, it has already caused the close attention of the government and the related educational departments. It is necessary to design and develop a monitoring and analysis system of the Internet(More)
With a rapid growth of the Internet, exploring cost-effective and time-efficient methods for creating Internet services has become critical. As an emerging technology, service aggregation has been regarded as a promising candidate. However, it also raises serious issues on privacy management, as a service is usually provided by multiple providers that are(More)
Early works on Private Information Retrieval (PIR) focused on minimizing the necessary communication overhead. They seemed to achieve this goal but at the expense of query response time. To mitigate this weakness, protocols with secure coprocessors were introduced. They achieve optimal communication complexity and better online processing complexity.(More)