Peiran Liu

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Augmented reality is a variation of virtual reality. It allows the user to see computer generated virtual objects superimposed upon the real world through the use of some kind of see-through head-mounted display. Human users of such system can interact with the virtual world and have additional information, such as character description of physical objects(More)
The computational cost of a collision detection (CD) algorithm on polygonal surfaces depends highly on the complexity of the models. A novel " locally refined " approach is introduced in this paper for fast CD in haptic rendering applications, e.g. haptic surgery and haptic sculpture simulations. Exact interference detections are performed on proposed(More)
We introduce a novel approach, multiresolution collision detection, for fast and exact interference detection on continuous level-of-detail (LOD) representations of arbitrary triangle meshes undergoing rigid-body motion. A new algorithm, active bounding tree (AB-Tree), is presented to accelerate interference queries of three-dimensional models, which(More)
Production of organic acids by microorganisms is of great importance for obtaining building-block chemicals from sustainable biomass. Extracellular accumulation of organic acids involved a series of transporters, which play important roles in the accumulation of specific organic acid while lack of systematic demonstration in eukaryotic microorganisms. To(More)
In the phenylpropanoid production process, p-coumaric acid is the most important intermediate metabolite. It is generally accepted that the activity of tyrosine ammonia-lyase (TAL), which converts l-tyrosine to p-coumaric acid, represents the rate-limiting step. Therefore, an error-prone PCR-based random mutagenesis strategy was utilized for screening(More)
This paper presents a new locally refined collision detection approach for large scale complex meshes in distributed virtual environments (DVEs) where exact and interactive interference detection is required. Transmitting models with millions of polygons is time consuming in comparison with transmitting simple models. Even if the models are transmitted in(More)
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