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In hard disk drives (HDDs), head skew error among multiple heads is calibrated during manufacturing process, and will be implemented prior to head switching seeks. In operational environment, additional head skew deviation due to temperature drift may be observed, which could introduce heavy handling burden for feedback controller along with unacceptable(More)
—Mechanical vibration on mobile hard disk is inevitable in the practical usage, and violent vibration may cause disk slip with significant position error, which will degrade the servo control performance, prolong time to ready (TTR) of servo and lower reading and writing speed of the magnetic head. The servo tracking accuracy of hard disk drive actuator(More)
Electrochemical reduction of the iron bound in the heme group of cytochrome c is shown to occur in the nano-electrospray capillary if the protein is sprayed from neutral water using a steel wire as the electrical contact. Quadrupole ion trap collisional activation is used to study the dissociation reactions of cytochrome c as a function of the oxidation(More)
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