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BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to explore the mechanism by which amentoflavone (AME) improves insulin resistance in a human hepatocellular liver carcinoma cell line (HepG2). METHODS A model of insulin resistant cells was established in HepG2 by treatment with high glucose and insulin. The glucose oxidase method was used to detect the glucose(More)
Prototype foamy virus (PFV) is a member of the unconventional and nonpathogenic retroviruses. PFV causes lifelong chronic infections, which are partially attributable to a number of host cell factors that restrict viral replication. Herein, we identified human p53-induced RING-H2 protein (Pirh2) as a novel inhibitor of prototype foamy virus. Overexpression(More)
RNA interference has shown great potential for the treatment of HIV-1. Vectors derived from prototype foamy viruses (PFVs) with a nonpathogenic nature are very promising gene transfer vehicles in anti-HIV gene therapy. In this article, three short hairpin RNAs (shRNAs) targeting the conserved regions of the HIV-1NL4-3 5' long terminal repeat (LTR) were(More)
Prototype foamy virus (PFV) is a member of the Spumaretrovirinae subfamily of retroviruses, which maintains lifelong latent infection while being nonpathogenic to their natural hosts. Autophagy is a cell-programmed mechanism that plays a pivotal role in controlling homeostasis and defense against exotic pathogens. However, whether autophagy is the mechanism(More)
Human foamy virus (HFV) is a complex and unique retrovirus with the longest genomes among retroviruses that are used as vectors for gene therapy. Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) are regarded as key regulators that are involved in diverse biological processes during viral infection. However, the role of lncRNAs in HFV infection remains unknown. In this study,(More)
Nitrogen source optimization combined with phased exponential L-tyrosine feeding was employed to enhance L-phenylalanine production by a tyrosine-auxotroph strain, Escherichia coli YP1617. The absence of (NH4)2SO4, the use of corn steep powder and yeast extract as composite organic nitrogen source were more suitable for cell growth and L-phenylalanine(More)
Learning with Fredholm kernel has attracted increasing attention recently since it can effectively utilize the data information to improve the prediction performance. Despite rapid progress on theoretical and experimental evaluations, its generalization analysis has not been explored in learning theory literature. In this paper, we establish the(More)
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