Peipei Tang

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For finding a root of a function f, Müler’s method is a root-finding algorithm using three values of f in every step. The natural values available are values of f and values of its first number of derivatives, called standard information. Based on standard information, we construct an iteration method with maximal order of convergence. It is a natural(More)
The color of food is often associated with the flavor, safety, and nutritional value of the product. Synthetic food colorants have been used because of their high stability and low cost. However, consumer perception and demand have driven the replacement of synthetic colorants with naturally derived alternatives. Natural pigment applications can be limited(More)
In this paper, we first establish a rational iteration method which can be used as a root-finding algorithm for almost every polynomial. It has no nonrepelling extraneous fixed point in the complex plane and is generally convergent for both quadratic and cubic polynomials. Then some properties of this algorithm are given. By the aid of computer, we produce(More)
This paper proposes a variational binary level set method for shape and topology optimization of structural. First, a topology optimization problem is presented based on the level set method and an algorithm based on binary level set method is proposed to solve such problem. Considering the difficulties of coordination between the various parameters and(More)
In this paper, a new notion which we call verifiably anonymous data collection protocol is introduced and formalized in the client-server model where each respondent uses a web interface to communicate with a server operated by the data miner. A construction leveraging a combination of semantically secure double trap-door encryption and OR zero-knowledge(More)
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