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Aiming at the disadvantages of particle swarm optimization algorithm (PSO), which is easy to trap into local optima and converge slowly in later period of iteration, an improved particle swarm optimization algorithm based on social psychology (BSPSO) was proposed. Unlike the standard PSO algorithm, this BSPSO algorithm used asynchronous version of PSO(More)
Taxis equipped with location sensing devices are increasingly becoming popular. Such location traces can be used for traffic management, taxi dispatching, and improved city planning. However, trajectory data often contain detailed information about individuals, and disclosing such information may reveal their lifestyles, preferences, and sensitive personal(More)
Trajectory data contain more spatial, temporal information. So publishing such trajectory data to the public or a third party for data mining, analysis could cause more serious privacy issues. In this work, we demonstrate that the presence of road network can cause serious damage to the identity privacy of individuals. Motivated attackers can utilize the(More)
Multimodal transaction data mining has received a great deal of attention recently. Protection of private information is an essential requirement of data analysis. Existing work on privacy protection for transaction data usually focus on a single mode dataset. The existing privacy-preserving methods cannot be used directly to address privacy issues for(More)
GPS data is becoming more and more popular due to massive usage of global positioning systems, other location-based devices and services. However, publishing original GPS data to the public or a third party for data mining and analysis could cause serious privacy issues. In this paper, we perform a study on taxi GPS data and identify a new type of attack(More)
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