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Adhesion protein MSG1 mediating adherence to porcine erythrocytes in Mycoplasma suis (M. suis) invasion has been identified previously. In order to determine the host membrane proteins that interact with MSG1, recombinant His-tagged MSG1 (rMSG1) was used to screen for interacting proteins in the protein extracts of porcine erythrocyte membrane. Potential(More)
A one-pot method for the preparation of benzoyl metronidazole was achieved by using N,N'-carbonyldiimidazole as a coupling reagent. Moreover, it was found that the byproduct imidazole as the catalyst promoted the reaction. In addition, the β-cyclodextrin solubilization of benzoyl metronidazole was investigated by phase-solubility method. The(More)
Butanoic acid plays a significant role in the maintenance of mucosal health and is the preferred energy substrate for the cells in the colon. Here, butanoic acid was selectively conjugated to the secondary hydroxyl group of β -cyclodextrin through ester bond using sodium hydride as the deprotonation reagent. The preliminary release behaviors of butanoic(More)
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