Peipei Huang

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Metal-free heteroatom-doped carbocatalysts with a high surface area are desirable for catalytic reactions. In this study, we found an efficient strategy to prepare nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur co-doped hollow carbon shells (denote as NPS-HCS) with a surface area of 1020 m(2)  g(-1). Using a poly(cyclotriphosphazene-co-4,4'-sulfonyldiphenol) (PZS) shell(More)
Nanometer-sized magnetic stirring bars containing Pd nanoparticles (denoted as Fe3 O4 -NC-PZS-Pd) for heterogeneous catalysis in microscopic system were prepared through a facile two-step process. In the hydrogenation of styrene, Fe3 O4 -NC-PZS-Pd showed an activity similar to that of the commercial Pd/C catalyst, but much better stability. In microscopic(More)
This paper presents and discusses the design of SMA driving a micro biped wall-cLimbing robot. The robot has a symmetrical configuration, and its motion is controlled by shape memory alloy (SMA) actuator that replaces the traditional motor. SMA actuator overcomes the problems by traditional motor driver such as complex structure, quaLity. According to the(More)
Cyanobacterial fructose-1,6-/sedoheptulose-1,7-bisphoshatase (cy-FBP/SBPase) is a potential enzymatic target for screening of novel inhibitors that can combat harmful algal blooms. In the present study, we targeted the substrate binding pocket of cy-FBP/SBPase. A series of novel hit compounds from the SPECs database were selected by using a(More)
A new type of spindle-shaped nanoscale yolk/shell magnetic stirring bar containing noble metal nanoparticles was prepared. The as-synthesized Pd-Fe@meso-SiO2 not only showed impressive activity and stability as a heterogeneous catalyst in a macroscopic flask system, but also acted as an efficient nanoscale magnetic stir bar in a microscopic droplet system.
A domino nitrosation and addition-elimination of nitroacetanilides with NaNO2 and H2SO4 has been developed to synthesize a variety of 1,4,2,5-dioxadiazine-3,6-dicarboxamides in excellent yields. The substrate scope can be extended to aryl nitromethyl ketones. A cascade reaction mechanism is proposed and the conjugated aryl moiety is considered to help(More)
Nickel oxide (NiO) is a promising electrode material for supercapacitors because of its low cost and high theoretical specific capacitance of 2573 F g(-1). However, the low electronic conductivity and poor cycling stability of NiO limit its practical applications. To overcome these limitations, an efficient atomic layer deposition (ALD) method is(More)
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