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The magnetic polarization tensor is a frequency-dependent, rotation-invariant and object-specific property of a metallic object. This paper presents an approach to compute the magnetic polarization tensor of a metallic object based on the Boundary Element Method (BEM), which treats the object as a perfect electrical conductor (PEC) and therefore is able to(More)
The ability to precisely control nanoparticle-enabled electrical devices for applications involving conformal wrapping/bending adaptability in various complex sensing environments requires an understanding of the electrical correlation with the device strain and exposure to the molecular environment. This report describes novel findings of an investigation(More)
This report demonstrates a molecule-solid duality concept for nanoscale control of size, shape and alloying by showing novel evolution of binary copper and gold nanoclusters or nanoparticles towards alloy nanocubes, as evidenced by in situ real time synchrotron X-ray diffraction characterization.
The rapid development of Mobile Internet, especially the emergence and popularity of smart mobile terminals has been making data traffic increase dramatically. As the next generation mobile communication network, EPS(Evolved Packet System) is to commit to addressing the exist problems. Security problems are important to EPS core network since leaking user(More)
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