Peipei Chiang

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It is clear that there are events which occur in response to neuromuscular activity that are essential to maintain normal muscle properties. Two factors though to influence muscle contractile properties are tension and electrical activity. To study these variables the hind limbs of 10 postpubertal female Sprague-Dawley rats were prevented from supporting(More)
Although surgical re-implantation of spinal roots may improve recovery of proximal motor function after cervical root avulsion, recovery of sensory function necessary for fine motor coordination of the hand has been difficult to achieve, in large part because of failure of regeneration of axons into the spinal cord. In order to enhance regeneration, we(More)
The adsorption of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), exemplified by benzene and methylethylketone (MEK), onto seven different types of activated carbon was investigated. Results show that for benzene adsorption the adsorption characteristic energy, enthalpy, free energy and entropy are in the range 17.12-36.86, -20.8 to -44.7, -11.89 to -16.22 kJ/mole and(More)
BACKGROUND The objective was to investigate the occurrence and characteristics of oculogyric spasm (OGS) in an Asian country. METHOD All 2035 Asian (88% Chinese, 7% Malays and 5% Indonesians) psychiatric in-patients in the state psychiatric hospital in Singapore were surveyed for occurrence of oculogyric spasm (OGS) over a two-month period. RESULTS(More)
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