Peinan Zhang

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The client computing platform is moving towards a heterogeneous architecture consisting of a combination of cores focused on scalar performance, and a set of throughput-oriented cores. The throughput oriented cores (e.g. a GPU) may be connected over both coherent and non-coherent interconnects, and have different ISAs. This paper describes a programming(More)
We demonstrate the advantages of a distributed collaborative system JOT CSCW j and highlight the requirements of brokercd support faT such a system. We also demonstrate how we have augmented the infrastructure of a prototype CSCW environment called SHASTRA to accommodate brokered collaboration. Several applications and possible scenarios of CSCW with(More)
Traditional sentiment classification methods often require polarity dictionaries or crafted features to utilize machine learning. However , those approaches incur high costs in the making of dictionaries and/or features, which hinder generalization of tasks. Examples of these approaches include an approach that uses a polarity dictionary that cannot handle(More)
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