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This paper is a joint report on the analysis of polymorphism of HLA class I, II and III antigens in Chinese major minority nationalities (Miao, Buyi, Mongol of Inner Mongolia, Man, Hui, Tibetan and Uygur), and southern and northern Han samples as a part of the workshop organized by the 11th International Histocompatibility Workshop and Conference (IHWC)(More)
The curvelet transform can represent images at both different scales and different directions. Ripplet transform, as a higher dimensional generalization of the curvelet transform, provides a new tight frame with sparse representation for images with discontinuities along C2 curves. However, the ripplet transform is lack of translation invariance, which(More)
  • P Y Bao
  • 2001
Phosphate slag is the slag discarded after phosphate ore is smelted. The content and specific activity of radioactive elements in slag must be determined accurately for environmental protection and comprehensive utilization. This paper discusses how IR spectrum and X-ray diffraction method are used to study its components. The main phase composition is(More)
Twenty seven women with mild, moderate or severe cervical dysplasia proven by pathology were treated by retinamide RII suppository. Retinamide RII suppository, 10 mg QD, was given intravaginally for six months (three months as a course). Clinical examination, Papanicolaou cytology and tissue biopsy under colposcope were carried out before and after(More)
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