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In this research we use an active appearance model (AAM) as the core of a robust segmentation algorithm that combines contour and texture information to learn shape variability through a training procedure in trans-rectal ultrasound (TRUS) images of the prostate. Training was carried out using a dataset of 95 images which are preprocessed using gray-level(More)
In this paper, SIFT (scale invariant feature transform) algorithm is used for the image registration of super resolution to ensure a more stable and accurate registration result, and thus improve the result of super-resolution which will be realized by least squares minimization. The advantage of this approach is that the super-resolution process will have(More)
This paper addressed the problem of multi-frame image super resolution and implementation to fingerprint image. The use of computers in fingerprints recognition is highly desirable in many applications where security is an important concern. However, as the performance of fingerprint recognition algorithm relies heavily on the quality of the input(More)
In electrical impedance tomography (EIT), distribution of internal resistivity of an unknown object is estimated using measured boundary voltage induced by different current patterns. In this paper singular value decomposition is modified with a threshold to be used in the sensitivity theorem for reconstruction of EIT images. Two different parameters are(More)
This paper proposed a more realistic imperfect power control model for Signal-to-interference radio (SIR)-based call admission control algorithms comparing with the previous method in CDMA systems. A new call is accepted by a base station if the measured SIR can be guaranteed based on our proposed model. Similarly, we considering the voice, data multimedia(More)
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