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Breast cancer is regarded as one of the most frequent mortality causes among women. As early detection of breast cancer increases the survival chance, creation of a system to diagnose suspicious masses in mammograms is important. In this paper, two automated methods are presented to diagnose mass types of benign and malignant in mammograms. In the first(More)
Carbon Nanotube filed-effect transistor (CNFET) is one of the promising alternatives to the MOS transistors. The geometry-dependent threshold voltage is one of the CNFET characteristics, which is used in the proposed Full Adder cell. In this paper, we present a high speed Full Adder cell using CNFETs based on majority-not (Minority) function. Presented(More)
In this paper two ultra high speed carbon nanotube Full-Adder cells are presented. First design uses two transistors, two resistors and seven capacitors and the second one uses four transistors and seven capacitors. The first design is faster and the second one consumes less power. Simulation results illustrate significant improvement in terms of speed and(More)
Presenting a novel full adder cell will be increases all the arithmetic logic unit performance. In this paper, We present two new full adder cell designs using carbon nanotube field effect transistors (CNTFETs). In the first design we have 42 transistors and 5 pull-up resistance so that we have achieved an improvement in the output parameters. Simulations(More)
Krill herd optimization algorithm is a biological optimized algorithm which simulates Krill group social behavior in order to solve global optimization problems. The position of each krill in time period is dependent on induced movement of other krills, foraging activity and physical diffusion. In this paper, chaos theory is combined with KHA to improve(More)
Into an era of nanotechnology, molecular devices are becoming promising alternatives to the existing silicon technology. Carbon nanotube field effect transistors (CNFETs) are being extensively studied as possible successors to Silicon MOSFETs. Research has started in the earnest to understand the device physics of CNFETs as well as to explore possible(More)
This paper presents arithmetic operations, including addition and multiplication, in the ternary Galois field through carbon nanotube field-effect transistors (CNTFETs). Ternary logics have received considerable attention among all the multiple-valued logics. Multiple-valued logics are an alternative to common-practice binary logic, which mostly has been(More)