Peiman Keshavarzian

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Carbon Nanotube filed-effect transistor (CNFET) is one of the promising alternatives to the MOS transistors. The geometry-dependent threshold voltage is one of the CNFET characteristics, which is used in the proposed Full Adder cell. In this paper, we present a high speed Full Adder cell using CNFETs based on majority-not (Minority) function. Presented(More)
Presenting a novel full adder cell will be increases all the arithmetic logic unit performance. In this paper, We present two new full adder cell designs using carbon nanotube field effect transistors (CNTFETs). In the first design we have 42 transistors and 5 pull-up resistance so that we have achieved an improvement in the output parameters. Simulations(More)
1.ABSTRACT: In this paper, we have proposed the motion detection circuit technology using carbon nanotubes (CNTFETs) with current mode that compared to the motion detection circuits based on CMOS have high speed and low power consumption. Scientists and experts are always trying to build motion detection sensors using the new technologies, with more useful(More)
In this paper, we propose new universal designs of ternary-valued logic (TVL) with high-speed, low-power and full swing output using carbon nanotube FETs (CNTFETs). All of the TVL functions (3 9 functions) can be implemented in these designs. Ternary value logic is a promising alternative to binary logic due to the reduced integrated circuit (IC)(More)
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