Peilu L. Chen

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Geomagnetically Induced Current (GIC) has long been recognized to influence current transformer (CT). Treated as quasi-DC, the effects of GIC haven't been discriminated from DC bias caused by High Voltage Direct Current transmission (HVDC). However, the nature of GIC as current with time-varying magnitude and random waveform makes it generate complex flux(More)
AC overvoltage emerges on dc buses of a magnetically controlled shunt reactor when a turn-to-turn fault occurs within the control winding (CtrW). Overvoltage protections are thus employed. However, this paper addresses a problem in the application of overvoltage protection against CtrW turn-to-turn faults where such a protective scheme may operate in an(More)
According to a field case on the mal-operation of transformer differential protection in the ultra-high voltage (UHV) experiment project in China, a new scheme of second harmonic blocking criterion is proposed in this paper. Based on the simulation model of UHV transformer established in MATLAB/SIMULINK, the causes of mal-operation is analyzed. The factors(More)
A typical maloperation case of the differential protection utilized in the ultra-high voltage (UHV) voltage-regulating transformer (VRT) under inrush conditions is investigated in this paper. It indicates that the second harmonic restraint principle cannot identify the inrush current reliably under such conditions. This paper proposes a normalized(More)
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