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Document selection is the endpoint of a bibliographic document use by academics during an actual research search. From there, the selected document may proceed project. (Part 2 followed up the same users on how the to the next stage: document use (reading and citing). selected documents were actually used in subsequent stages.) The participants are 25(More)
A multidimensional-scaling approach is used to analyze frequently used medical-topic terms in queries submitted to a Web-based consumer health information system. Based on a year-long transaction log file, five medical focus keywords (stomach, hip, stroke, depression, and cholesterol) and their co-occurring query terms are analyzed. An overlap-coefficient(More)
Session characteristics taken from large transaction logs of three Web search environments (academic Web site, public search engine, consumer health information portal) were modeled using cluster analysis to determine if coherent session groups emerged for each environment and whether the types of session groups are similar across the three environments.(More)