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Robust Sparse Recovery in Impulsive Noise via p-1 Optimization
This paper addresses the issue of robust sparse recovery in compressive sensing (CS) in the presence of impulsive measurement noise. Recently, robust data-fitting models, such as 1 -norm,Expand
An improved indoor localization method using smartphone inertial sensors
An improved indoor localization method based on smartphone inertial sensors is presented, which can achieve significant performance improvements in terms of efficiency, accuracy and reliability. Expand
Dynamic Magnetometer Calibration and Alignment to Inertial Sensors by Kalman Filtering
Sufficient conditions are derived for the problem to be globally observable, even when no accelerometer information is used at all, and collectively solves the magnetometer intrinsic and cross-sensor calibrations, as well as the gyroscope bias estimation. Expand
Robust Sparse Recovery in Impulsive Noise via $\ell _p$ -$\ell _1$ Optimization
A robust formulation for sparse recovery using the generalized ℓp-norm with 0 ≤ p <; 2 as the metric for the residual error is proposed and compared with some state-of-the-art robust algorithms via numerical simulations to show its improved performance in highly impulsive noise. Expand
Efficient and Robust Recovery of Sparse Signal and Image Using Generalized Nonconvex Regularization
A robust formulation for sparse reconstruction that employs the inline-formula-norm as the loss function for the residual error and utilizes a generalized nonconvex penalty for sparsity inducing and a first-order algorithm based on alternating direction method of multipliers is proposed. Expand
A 530 Mpixels/s 4096x2160@60fps H.264/AVC High Profile Video Decoder Chip
A lossless frame recompression technique and a partial MB reordering scheme are proposed to save the DRAM access of a QFHD video decoder chip and the core energy is saved by 54% by pipelining and parallelization. Expand
Statistical Multipath Model Based on Experimental GNSS Data in Static Urban Canyon Environment
This paper presents statistical distribution models of multipath time delay, multipath power attenuation, and multipath fading frequency based on the experimental data in the urban canyon environment and shows that the probability distribution of time delay follows a gamma distribution which is related to the waiting time of Poisson distributed events. Expand
StructSLAM: Visual SLAM With Building Structure Lines
A novel 6-degree-of-freedom (DoF) visual simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) method based on the structural regularity of man-made building environments that uses the building structure lines as features for localization and mapped. Expand
A Survey on Nonconvex Regularization-Based Sparse and Low-Rank Recovery in Signal Processing, Statistics, and Machine Learning
An overview of nonconvex regularization based sparse and low-rank recovery in various fields in signal processing, statistics, and machine learning, including compressive sensing, sparse regression and variable selection, sparse signals separation, sparse principal component analysis (PCA), large covariance and inverse covariance matrices estimation, matrix completion, and robust PCA is given. Expand
An Advanced Hierarchical Motion Estimation Scheme With Lossless Frame Recompression and Early-Level Termination for Beyond High-Definition Video Coding
In this paper, we present a hardware-efficient fast algorithm with a lossless frame recompression scheme and early-level termination strategy for large search range (SR) motion estimation (ME)Expand