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Fast shadowing test algorithm based on target division by cubes
This paper represents a novel method that covers the target by overlapped cubes which separate the facets to several consistent groups. Expand
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A novel implementation of truncation number for improving accuracy of MLFMA
For multilevel fast multipole algorithm (MLFMA), we develop a novel method that adopted different precision control in different levels for truncation number calculation and investigate the effect onExpand
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Perfectly matched layer's constitutive assignment scheme's influence to absorbing performance
Abstract Convolutional perfectly matched layer (CPML)’s constitutive parameters assignment methods are performed and compared in this paper. One method is to assign the PML's parameters at theExpand
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The MLFMA basis method for RCS calculation of discontinuous character objects
A new numerical method called the half multilevel fast multipole algorithm basis method (MLFMABM) for highly efficient and accurate Radar Cross Section (RCS) calculations of complex discontinuousExpand
Application of the independent component analysis to the iKAGRA data
We apply the independent component analysis (ICA) to the real data from a gravitational wave detector for the first time. Specifically we use the iKAGRA data taken in April 2016, and calculate theExpand
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Series expansion feasibility of singular integral in method of moments
When calculating electromagnetic scattering using method of moments (MoM), integral of the singular term has a significant influence on the results. This paper transforms the singular surfaceExpand
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Chevron spoiler to improve the performance of lobed ejector/mixer☆
Abstract Chevron spoilers located at the lobe peaks of lobed nozzles were produced to improve the performance of lobed ejector/mixers. Numerical simulations of sword alternating-lobe nozzles andExpand
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Auxiliary differential equation (ADE) implementation of complex-frequency shifted perfectly matched layer (CFS-PML)
In this paper, an efficient auxiliary differential equation (ADE) method is proposed to implement stretched-coordinate perfectly matched layer (SC-PML) in finite-difference time-domain (FDTD). TheExpand