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Preferential attachment is generally regarded as the best mechanism to form scale-free networks. However, the simulated network has a much smaller clustering coefficient, while many networks in the real world, such as movie actors' collaboration and co-authorship networks, have a high clustering coefficient. So we develop the relatively preferential(More)
Firstly, this paper predicts the volume of logistics in Ningbo Port with the two methods of improved BP neural network and gray model, and introduces combined forecast methods on the basic of researching on those two forecast methods. Theories and practices have shown that combined forecast model are more accurate than single forecast model, and can enhance(More)
There has been considerable interest in methods for finding community structure in recent years. By using mobile communication data as the indicator of social relationships, we propose a fully automated method for identifying communities of practice within an organization. We use an improved G-N algorithm which can rapidly find communities within a network.(More)
BACKGROUND Online broadcasting substantially affects the production, distribution, and profit of TV series. In addition, online word-of-mouth significantly affects the diffusion of TV series. Because on-demand streaming rates are the most important factor that influences the earnings of online video suppliers, streaming statistics and forecasting trends are(More)
With China's rapid development of e-commerce and logistics, many large electronic business enterprises start to establish large volume warehouses. It takes a long time to distribute the goods every time, so the optimal distribution link can save a lot of time and it has important practical significance. In order to optimize goods inventory and delivery, the(More)
With the accession into the WTO, modern logistics in China possess the great development opportunity. Shanghai, Hong Kong and Guangzhou, some of the major gates to the outside world in China, plan to build themselves into major international logistics center in 5 to 10 years. Therefore the research of Logistics Infrastructure (LI) has recently become a hot(More)
With the constant deepening of RFID technology, nowadays, there are some typical technological poblems which include the low compatibility of existing RFID middleware products, unsatisfied tag management, backwardness of the flitting technology and so on. By analying the shortcomings of the existing system, we design a new project which contributes a much(More)
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