Peichang Ouyang

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A fractal tiling (f-tiling) is a tiling whose boundary is fractal. This article presents two families of rare, infinitely many f-tilings. Each f-tiling is constructed by reducing tiles by a fixed scaling factor, using a single prototile, which is a segment of a regular polygon. The authors designed invariant mappings to automatically produce appealing(More)
This third installment of the Beautiful Math articles considers the visualization of aesthetic patterns with hyperbolic-triangle-group symmetries. A flexible form of invariant mappings contributes to a simple, efficient way to generate hyperbolic patterns. Combined with conformal mappings, this method can yield an abundance of exotic patterns.
Schwarz-Christoffel mapping is an elegant theory that can preserve the structure of a pattern perfectly. One of the most important elements of conformal mapping theory, Schwarz-Christoffel mapping has important applications in many engineering fields, such as electromagnetism, aerodynamics, and thermal field theory. Building on their 2014 CG&A article(More)
Equivariant function with respect to symmetries of the wallpaper group is constructed by trigonometric functions. A proper transformation is established between Euclidean plane and hyperbolic spaces. With the resulting function and transformation, wallpaper patterns on the Poincaré and Klein models are generated by means of dynamic systems. This method can(More)
The art of tiling originated very early in the history of civilization. Almost every known human society has made use of tilings in some form or another. In particular, tilings using only regular polygons have great visual appeal. Decorated regular tilings with continuous and symmetrical patterns were widely used in decoration field, such as mosaics,(More)
Chaotic attractors are created by iterating functions that are equivariant with respect to the cyclic or dihedral groups. An improved color scheme based on the visit frequency of the pixels is proposed to render chaotic attractors. By normalization and scale transformation, aesthetic patterns which simultaneously have several kinds of cyclic or dihedral(More)
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