Pei-ying Jiao

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BACKGROUND The treatment and control of schistosomiasis, an often neglected tropical disease that exacerbates poverty, depends on a single drug, praziquantel. The large-scale use of praziquantel might select for drug-resistant parasites, hence there is a need to develop new antischistosomal compounds. Here, we report that the antimalarial drug mefloquine(More)
Antischistosomal activities of a synthetic peroxide OZ78 (an ozonide carboxylic acid) against Schistosoma japonicum have been studied in mice and rabbits. Among 132 mice used, 30 of them were infected with 80–100 S. japonicum cercariae for collection of juvenile and adult schistosomes applied in in vitro tests. The remaining 102 mice were infected with 40(More)
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