Pei-xia Wang

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The food intake suppressant effects of three serotonin agonists, m-CPP (a selective 5-HT1B agonist), 8-OHDPAT (a selective 5-HT1A agonist) and fenfluramine (a 5-HT releasing agent) were compared in three different rat strains: Wistar, Sprague-Dawley (SD) and Fawn-Hooded (FH) rats. Administration of all three serotonin agonists produced dose-dependent(More)
A quantitative assessment of the innervation of the different portions of the cortical tubular nephron in the rat was made using tritiated norepinephrine uptake to label monoaminergic nerves, followed by autoradiography. The proximal tubules (PT) showed the greatest number of innervated profiles (IPs) [i.e., tubular profiles overlapped by accumulations of(More)
Adipokine adiponectin (APN) has been recently reported to play a role in regulating bone mineral density (BMD). To explore the mechanism by which APN affects BMD, we investigated BMD and biomechanical strength properties of the femur and vertebra in sham-operated (Sham) and ovariectomized (OVX) APN knockout (KO) mice as compared to their operated wild-type(More)
A study of the monoaminergic innervation of the cortical distal nephron beyond the thick ascending limb of Henle (TALH) was carried out by surveying nine autoradiograms, from three rats injected with exogenous tritiated norepinephrine, for overlapping of the tubule by accumulations of autoradiographic grains (AAGs). The largest number of the AAGs appeared(More)
The innervation of the glomerular arterioles was investigated by light and electron microscopy autoradiography for localization of exogenous tritiated norepinephrine. By light microscopy accumulations of grains were seen associated with afferent arterioles and in lesser numbers with efferent arterioles and neighboring tubules. Accumulations of grains were(More)
In this investigation we have combined the methods of ultrastructural demonstration of acetylcholinesterase activity with electron microscopic autoradiography for the demonstration of norepinephrine uptake. The results show electron-dense deposits indicative of acetylcholinesterase activity associated with perivascular axons overlaid by concentrations of(More)
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