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This study was conducted to retrospectively evaluate the pattern of contrast enhancement with SonoVue on gray-scale ultrasonography of hepatic angiomyolipoma (HAML). Imaging features of 33 pathologically proven HAML lesions in 33 patients who underwent baseline ultrasound and contrast-enhanced ultrasonography (CEUS) were assessed retrospectively. All(More)
We sought to determine the associations among thoracic aortic atherosclerosis, coronary atherosclerosis and the function of high density lipoprotein (HDL) in a case-control study. The function of HDL can be assessed by the fractional esterification rate of cholesterol in low density lipoprotein (LDL)- and very low density lipoprotein (VLDL)-depleted plasma(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the value of contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) in guidance of percutaneous biopsy in peripheral pulmonary lesions. METHODS This study focused on 53 patients (male: 38, female: 15, and mean age: 55.7 years ± 10.7) with 53 single peripheral pulmonary lesions. Before core needle (16-gauge) percutaneous biopsy, CEUS were performed(More)
BACKGROUND Assessment of perfusion in the early period of acute renal failure (ARF) is important, and can not be made by conventional ultrasound. The aim of this study was to prospectively test in a rabbit ARF model whether real-time contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) can quantitatively evaluate the hemodynamic changes of renal cortex in the early period.(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study is to evaluate quantitative analysis of contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) in the differential diagnosis of renal tumor histotypes. MATERIALS AND METHODS Between January 2010 and December 2013, 106 clear cell renal cell carcinomas (RCCs) (mean [± SD] diameter, 3.7 ± 1.8 cm), 34 angiomyolipomas (mean diameter, 4.1 ± 1.4(More)
To identify features which determine the papillary nature of breast lesions by contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) based on morphological and pathological correlations, and predict which papillomas are malignant. A retrospective review of 47 papillary lesions and 51 hypervascular benign abnormalities was performed. Enhancement patterns and diagnostic(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of our study was to determine a brachial artery blood flow level measured by sonography during early postoperative periods that is predictive of arteriovenous fistula failure in hemodialysis patients. METHODS Doppler sonography was used to estimate the blood flow in the brachial artery of 103 patients at 1 and 14 days after(More)
The renin-angiotensin system may play a pivotal role in reperfusion ventricular arrhythmias (RVA). The purpose of this study was to investigate the association between angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) gene polymorphism and RVA in patients with acute myocardial infarction (AMI) in a case-control study. Patients who had undergone successful coronary(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the early diagnostic value of contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) in acute renal failure (ARF) of rabbit. METHODS The rabbit model of ARF was established by intramuscular injection of 50% glycerin (12 ml/kg) into the hind legs of 18 New Zealand rabbits. CEUS was performed for both kidneys before injection and 6 hours after the(More)