Pei-jiang Zhou

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This paper describes the development of a simplified and rapid method for the aqueous synthesis of quantum dots (QDs) with CdTe cores and gradient CdS external shells (CdTe/CdS QDs) aided by microwave irradiation. Several synthesis parameters, such as molar ratio of reagents, pH, reaction temperature, and reaction time, were studied in details. Under the(More)
A novel topological index based on the Wiener Index is proposed as W* = 1/2 sigma (n)(i,j=1) S(*)(ij), the element S(*)(ij) of the distance matrix is defined either as S(*)(ij) = alpha x square root of I(i)I(j)/R(ij) (atoms i and j are adjacent) or as S(*)(ij) = = alpha x (j-i+1)square root of I(i) x x x x x I(j)/R(ij) (atoms i and j are not adjacent),(More)
Tris (1, 3-dichloro-2-propyl) phosphate (TDCIPP, also known as TDCPP), an extensively used flame retardant, is frequently detected in the environment and biota. Recent studies have shown that TDCIPP has neurotoxic effects. In this study, we determined the mechanisms of TDCIPP-induced neurotoxicity in human neuroblastoma (SH-SY5Y) cells. By using(More)
L-glutathione (GSH) capped ZnSe quantum dots (QDs) were prepared by microwave-assisted aqueous synthesis. Then, the resulting QDs were illuminated under dark, ultraviolet light and incandescent light, respectively. Thereby effect of lighting on the structures and properties of QDs were studied systematically. It was revealed that particle size and element(More)
Quasi core shell alloyed CdSeS quantum dots (QDs) have been prepared through a facile aqueous-phase route employing microwave irradiation technique. The optical spectroscopy and structure characterization evidenced the quasi core shell alloyed structures of CdSeS QDs. The X-ray diffraction patterns of the obtained CdSeS QDs displayed peak positions very(More)
A novel topological index based on the Wiener Index is proposed as W = 1/2, summation(n/ij)=S*(ij) the element S*(ij) of the distance matrix is defined either as S*(ij)= square root (E(i)E(j)/R(ij) (atoms i and j are adjacent) or as S*(ij)=(j-i+1)square root (E(i)...xE /R(ij) (atoms i and j are not adjacent), where E(i) and E(j) represent the total energy(More)
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