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Quality uncertainty and high search costs for identifying relevant information from an ocean of information may prevent customers from making purchases. Recognizing potential negative impacts of this search cost for quality information and relevant information, firms began to invest in creating a virtual community that enables consumers to share their(More)
The reduction in distribution costs of digital products has renewed interest in strategies for pricing goods with low marginal costs. In this paper, we evaluate the concept of customized bundling in which consumers can choose up to a quantity M of goods drawn from a larger pool of N different goods (N>M) for a fixed price. We show that the complex mixed(More)
Information Systems (ICIS) and three anonymous reviewers from ICIS for comments on earlier drafts of this paper. We would also like to thank Media Metrix and Gomez Advisors for providing essential data. This research was funded by the Wharton eBusiness Initiative (WeBI). Abstract The ability to retain and lock-in customers in the face of competition is a(More)
Human-aided movement of species populations in large-scale reforestation programs could be a potent and cost-effective climate change adaptation strategy. Such large-scale management interventions, however, tend to entail the risks of unintended consequences, and we propose that three conditions should be met before implementing assisted migration in(More)
This paper considers on-demand services and its impact on market structure, firm profitability and consumer welfare. The unique properties of on-demand services are the conversion of fixed costs to variable costs, removal of capacity constraint and fast setup time (which enables quick entry by any firm at any time when there is opportunity), while privacy(More)