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PURPOSE To describe the epidemiology of dry eye in an elderly Chinese population in Taipei, Taiwan. DESIGN A population-based cross-sectional study. PARTICIPANTS The Shihpai Eye Study was a population-based survey of eye diseases in the elderly (> or =65 years) in Shihpai, Taipei, Taiwan. Noninstitutionalized residents, as of July 1999, were identified(More)
Fragile watermarking is applied to protect the content integrity of digital images. The main concerns related to watermarking include retaining the quality of the watermarked image and retaining the ability to detect whether any manipulation has occurred. Because recent watermarking techniques seriously distort the quality of the protected image after(More)
BACKGROUND Avascular necrosis of the femoral head (ANFH) causes disability that often requires surgical intervention. Most cases of ANFH are sporadic, but we identified three families in which there was autosomal dominant inheritance of the disease and mapped the chromosomal position of the gene to 12q13. METHODS We carried out haplotype analysis in the(More)
In this paper, we shall propose two spatial-domain image hiding schemes with the concept of secret sharing. The two new schemes use the two-out-of-two visual secret sharing technique to generate two shares for hiding a secret two-tone image. These two secret shares are embedded into two gray-level cover images by the proposed embedding scheme. To decode the(More)
A common drawback of the image sharing with steganography approaches is that the revealed secret image is distorted due to the truncation of the grayscale secret image. To lossless reveal the secret image in the (t, n)threshold, we provide a novel sharing scheme in this article. Moreover, the original host image can be recovered by the embedded shadow(More)