Pei-Yu Chen

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RFID technology has become popular in many applications; however, most of the RFID products lack security related functionality due to the hardware limitation of the low-cost RFID tags. In this paper, we propose a lightweight mutual authentication protocol adopting error correction code for RFID. Besides, we also propose an advanced version of our protocol(More)
This research examines the impact of switching costs on vendor choice in the market for routers and switches. We show that despite the use of open standards which attempt to enhance interoperabilities for equipments from different vendors, vendors in this market are able to maintain high switching costs. Because routers and switches are networked goods,(More)
—This paper presents two-dimensional (2-D) VLSI digital filter structures possessing various symmetries in the filter magnitude response. For this purpose, four Type-1 and four Type-2 power-efficient and cost-effective 2-D magnitude symmetry filter architectures possessing diagonal, fourfold rotational, quadrantal, and octagonal symmetries with reduced(More)
  • Brendan Prideaux, Laura E. Via, Matthew D. Zimmerman, Seokyong Eum, Jansy Sarathy, Paul O’Brien +13 others
  • 2015
Finding new treatment-shortening antibiotics to improve cure rates and curb the alarming emergence of drug resistance is the major objective of tuberculosis (TB) drug development. Using a matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization (MALDI) mass spectrometry imaging suite in a biosafety containment facility, we show that the key sterilizing drugs rifampicin(More)