Pei-Yu Chao

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Osteosarcoma (OS) is a type of bone cancer. Eighty percent of this tumor will metastasize to the lungs or liver, and as a result, patients generally need chemotherapy to improve survival possibility. Recently, antitumor activity has been reported in Ocimum gratissimum aqueous extract (OGE), which has been the focus of recent extensive studies on therapeutic(More)
Ocimum gratissimum is a traditional herb commonly found in tropical regions, which prevents free radical damage and protects the liver from oxidative stress. In this study, we tested in vivo and in vitro the effectiveness of O. gratissimum extracts (OGEs) in anti-hepatic fibrosis in rats. Male Wistar rats were administered with carbon tetrachloride (CCl4)(More)
In a recent study on hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), we have shown that the transcription factors Myeloid Zinc Finger-1 (MZF-1) and Ets-like-protein 1 (Elk-1) are significantly related to protein kinase C alpha (PKCα) expression. The purpose of this study was to determine the correlation of the expression of PKCα with the expression of Elk-1 and MZF-1 in(More)
Objectives: Hyperlipidemia is a significant risk factor in the development of atherosclerosis and related diseases which are major health problem in many developed and developing countries that can lead to fatality due to the changes in lifestyle and dietary habits in this modern age. Methods: In the present study, the Ocimum gratissimum aqueous extract(More)
Objectives: Cell transplantation therapy of Schwann cells (SCs) is a promising therapeutic strategy after spinal cord injury. However, challenges such as oxidative stress hinder satisfactory cell viability and intervention for enhancing SCs survival is critical throughout the transplantation procedures. Ocimum gratissimum, widely used as a folk medicine in(More)
The high imaging resolution and motion sensitivity of optical-based shear wave detection has made it an attractive technique in biomechanics studies with potential for improving the capabilities of shear wave elasticity imaging. In this study we implemented laser speckle contrast imaging for two-dimensional (X-Z) tracking of transient shear wave propagation(More)
Objectives: Menopausal transition in women initiates with declining estrogen levels and is followed by significant changes in their physiological characteristics. These changes often lead to medical conditions, such as obesity, which is correlated with chronic low-grade/subclinical inflammation. Ocimum gratissimum L. is a food spice or traditional herb in(More)
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