Pei-Ying S. Chan

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The purpose of this study was to demonstrate a neural respiratory gating system using a paired stimuli paradigm. The N1 peak of the respiratory-related evoked potential (RREP) represents early perceptual processing of respiratory sensory information. This is similar to the N100 peak shown with tactile sensation, where the second peak amplitude (S2) of the(More)
Respiratory perception can be altered by changes in emotional or psychological states. This may be due to affective (i.e., anxiety) modulation of respiratory sensory gating. Nicotine withdrawal induces elevated anxiety and decreased somatosensory gating. Respiratory sensory gating is evidenced by decreased amplitude of the respiratory-related evoked(More)
Angular and rotational profile of the lower limbs of 2,630 normal Chinese children from newborn to age 12 years were compiled using tibiofemoral angle, intercondylar, intermalleolar distance, medial and lateral rotation of the hip, and thigh-foot angle. Children with clinical tibiofemoral angles, intercondylar or intermalleolar distances tended to be(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the interobserver and intraobserver agreement for both treatment plan and fracture classification of tibial plateau fractures using plain films alone and with computed tomography (CT) scans. DESIGN Prospective study to assess the impact of an advanced radiologic study on the agreement of treatment plan and fracture classification of(More)
1. Activation of both anion and cation conductances was observed in primary cultured human epididymal cells during osmotic swelling under the patch-clamp whole-cell configuration. The swelling-induced anion conductance was 25.66 +/- 4.70 nS and the cation conductance was 7.35 +/- 1.40 nS. The permeability ratio of K+ to Cl- (PK/PCl) was calculated to be(More)
Joint laxity was measured clinically in 2,360 normal Chinese children aged 3-13 years with equal sex distribution using the Carter Wilkinson five tests and scoring system. Results showed minimal differences due to gender. The degree of joint laxity diminished with age. The knee extension and ankle extension tests were more sensitive than other tests.(More)
The relationship between detection threshold of inspiratory resistive loads and the peaks of the respiratory-related evoked potential (RREP) is unknown. It was hypothesized that the short-latency and long-latency peaks of the RREP would only be elicited by inspiratory loads that exceeded the detection threshold. The detection threshold for inspiratory(More)
BACKGROUND Spermatogonial stem cells (SSCs) are the foundation of spermatogenesis and represent a crucial resource for male fertility restoration. It has not been well documented, however, whether the recovery of SSC population size after cytotoxic damage associates with the kinetics of male fertility restoration. We addressed this issue using the mouse as(More)
In addition to consultation with an experienced hematologist, the following are recommendations regarding compartment syndrome in a patient with an inherited bleeding disorder. Von Willebrand's Disease. Humate-P (rich in von Willebrand factor) is the replacement therapy of choice for surgical procedures in patients with von Willebrand's disease. In general,(More)
Normal breathing is usually not sensed by the individual. Individuals become aware of their breathing at the cognitive level when breathing pattern is manipulated. Airway obstruction activates lung and muscle mechanoreceptors that project to the somatosensory cortex. Cortical neuronal activation in the somatosensory cortex by inspiratory occlusions can be(More)