Pei-Yin Chen

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A direction-oriented spatial interpolation technique for image de-interlacing is presented in this letter. The experimental results demonstrate that our method achieves excellent performance in terms of both objective and subjective image quality. The proposed algorithm also has a very computationally simple structure, and proves to be a good candidate for(More)
Blurred underwater image is always an annoying problem in the oceanic engineering. In this paper, we propose an efficient and low complexity underwater image enhancement method based on dark channel prior. Our method employs the median filter instead of the soft matting procedure to estimate the depth map of image. Moreover, a color correction method is(More)
In this letter, a novel algorithm for removing salt-and-pepper noise from corrupted images is presented. We employ an efficient impulse noise detector to detect the noisy pixels, and an edge-preserving filter to reconstruct the intensity values of noisy pixels. Extensive experimental results demonstrate that our method can obtain better performances in(More)
Images are often corrupted by impulse noise in the procedures of image acquisition and transmission. In this paper, we propose an efficient denoising scheme and its VLSI architecture for the removal of random-valued impulse noise. To achieve the goal of low cost, a low-complexity VLSI architecture is proposed. We employ a decision-tree-based impulse noise(More)
Most previous work about the hardware design of a fuzzy logic controller (FLC) intended to either improve its inference performance for real-time applications or to reduce its hardware cost. To our knowledge, there has been no attempt to design a hardware FLC that can perform an adaptive fuzzy inference for the applications of on-line adaptation. The(More)
In intelligent transportation systems, human detection is an important issue and has been widely used in many applications. Histograms of oriented gradients (HOG) are proven to be able to significantly outperform existing feature sets for human detection. In this paper, we present a low-cost high-speed hardware implementation for HOG feature extraction. The(More)
The lifting scheme has been developed as a flexible tool suitable for constructing biorthogonal wavelets recently. In this paper, we present an efficient VLSI architecture for the implementation of 1D lifting discrete wavelet transform. The architecture folds the computations of all resolution levels into the same low-pass and high-pass units to achieve(More)
Due to the temporal and spatial correlation of the image sequence, the motion vector of a block is highly related to the motion vectors of its adjacent blocks in the same image frame. If we can obtain useful and enough information from the adjacent motion vectors, the total number of search points used to find the motion vector of the block may be reduced(More)