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The purpose of this study was to compare the effect of vanadium absorbed by Coprinus comatus (VACC) with inorganic vanadium (vanadium nitrate, IV) in preventing diabetes-related osteopenia in streptozotocin-diabetic rats. Sixty Wistar female rats used were divided into four groups: (1) normal rats (control), (2) diabetic rats, (3) diabetic rats treated with(More)
When cells are subjected to irradiation, their progression through the cell cycle can be arrested. If the arrested cells are subjected to additional damage, their period of arrest is prolonged. Under continuous low-dose-rate irradiation, the cumulative nature of arrest time leads to a geometric increase in the arrest time as a function of the dose rate.(More)
Irradiation affects numerous physiological processes within cells and tissues and can lead to damage or death. If the damage is not too severe, cells have the ability to repair and regenerate. Many small injuries are repaired more easily than ones causing extensive damage and, consequently, tissues typically respond differently to one large dose of(More)
  • Pei Yi, Yubo Ge
  • 2010
The application of Missing Data Technique (MDT) has shown to improve the performance of speech recognition. To apply MDT to cepstral domain, this paper presents a weighted approach to compute the reliability of cepstral feature based on sigmoid function and introduces a weighted distance algorithm. It is deduced that the reliability compensates the Gaussian(More)
The intracellular content of potassium (K) ions in P815 cells decreases when the media pH is lowered, and it increases when media pH is raised. The determination of the ion content therefore requires accurate control of the medium pH. The K ion content measured both by the flame emission method and by the K analog. 86Rb, exhibits a decline when the cells(More)
Upon exposure of cells to radiation delivered at a continuous low dose rate, cell proliferation may be sustained with the cells exhibiting a constant doubling time that is independent of the total dose. The doubling time or mitotic delay under these conditions has been shown to depend on the dose rate in HeLa, V79 and P388F cells (Mitchell et al., Radiat.(More)
An interferometer is used to measure the refractive index change accompanying the crystal-to-liquid-crystal phase transition in the dispersion of phosphatidylcholines. Two separate methods of obtaining the refractive index change are employed: the first method analyzes the intensity transmitted through a spatial filter and the second method utilizes a(More)
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