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Computer-mediated crowdfunding is an emerging paradigm used by individuals to solicit funds from other individuals to realize projects. We are interested in how and why these platforms work and the impact they can have on what projects are realized and how they are disseminated in the world. In this paper, we report preliminary findings from a qualitative(More)
Amyloidoses are diseases characterized by abnormal protein folding and self-assembly, for which no cure is available. Inhibition or modulation of abnormal protein self-assembly, therefore, is an attractive strategy for prevention and treatment of amyloidoses. We examined Lys-specific molecular tweezers and discovered a lead compound termed CLR01, which is(More)
This paper explores the use of a guessability study to examine child-defined gestures with Kinect. Applying a Wizard-of-Oz approach, gestures were elicited from six children (age 3--8) through a series of 22 task stimuli including object manipulation, navigation-based tasks, and spatial interaction. Gestures were video recorded, transcribed, and coded by(More)
Creativity supports societal and economic prosperity. As such, HCI researchers have been concerned with creating technologies to support creativity. Crowdfunding offers a new type of creativity support tool where creators rely on the crowd to collect, create, relate, and donate creative work. With the rapid growth of crowdfunding platforms, design(More)
People are often unaware that everyday behavior and lifestyle choices involving food, exercise, and shopping all have varying levels of consequences on the environment. In fact, this makes it difficult for people to understand the mutual relationship between personal health and the environmental health. My thesis investigates a lifestyle intervention that(More)
Turn Up the Heat is a cooperative board game that encourages reflection on tradeoffs related to money, comfort, and environmental sustainability. The game playfully confronts power dynamics associated with the use of residential thermostats to control heating and cooling systems. In doing so, it addresses common misconceptions about how thermostats work and(More)
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