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Four recent papers by Menger et al. have questioned methods of analysis of surface tension (ST) data that use the Gibbs equation to obtain the surface excess (Γ) of a surfactant at the air-water(More)
This is a second paper responding to recent papers by Menger et al. and the ensuing discussion about the application of the Gibbs equation to surface tension (ST) data. Using new neutron reflection(More)
The interactions between a dicationic gemini surfactant with a six-hydrocarbon spacer (1,2-bis(dodecyldimethyl-ammonio)hexane dibromide, C12C6C12Br2) and anionic polyelectrolyte DNA or sodium(More)
We have measured the structure and properties of a series of dicationic quaternary ammonium compounds α,ω-bis(N-alkyl dimethyl ammonium)hexane halides (Cn-C6-Cn) for values of the alkyl chain length(More)