Pei-Xue Ling

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Numerous disease resistance gene-like DNA sequences were cloned from an intergeneric hybrid of Poncirus and Citrus, using a PCR approach with degenerate primers designed from conserved NBS (nucleotide-binding site) motifs found in a number of plant resistance genes. Most of the cloned genomic sequences could be translated into polypeptides without stop(More)
A BAC library was constructed from the genomic DNA of an intergeneric Citrus and Poncirus hybrid. The library consists of 24,576 clones with an average insert size of 115 kb, representing approximately seven haploid genome equivalents and is able to give a greater than 99% probability of isolating single-copy citrus DNA sequences from this library.(More)
Eleven RAPD markers linked to a gene region conferring resistance to citrus nematodes in an intergen-eric backcross family were identified. Two sequence- characterized amplified region markers linked to a citrus tristeza virus resistance gene and one selected resistance gene candidate marker were evaluated for their association with citrus nematode(More)
A map-based cloning strategy has been employed to isolate Ctv, a single dominant gene from Poncirus trifoliata that confers resistance to citrus tristeza virus (CTV), the most important viral pathogen of citrus. Cloning of this gene will allow development of commercially acceptable, virus-resistant cultivars. A high-resolution genetic linkage map of the Ctv(More)
Nisin is a small antimicrobial peptide produced by several subset strains of Lactococcus lactis. To improve nisin yield in the producer L. lactis LS01, we proposed a successive fusion of nisA with nisRK and nisFEG into a single shuttle expression vector pMG36e under the control of the native strong constitutive promoter p32. Subsequently, the recombinant(More)
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