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Pelagibacterium halotolerans B2(T) is a marine halotolerant bacterium that was isolated from a seawater sample collected from the East China Sea. Here, we present the complete genome sequence of the type strain P. halotolerans B2(T), which consists of one chromosome (3,944,837 bp; 61.4% G+C content) and one plasmid (4,050 bp; 56.1% G+C content). This is the(More)
The growing world population and shrinkage of arable land demand yield improvement of rice, one of the most important staple crops. To elucidate the genetic basis of yield and uncover its associated loci in rice, we resequenced the core recombinant inbred lines of Liang-You-Pei-Jiu, the widely cultivated super hybrid rice, and constructed a high-resolution(More)
BACKGROUND The dilemma of pathogens identification in patients with unidentified clinical symptoms such as fever of unknown origin exists, which not only poses a challenge to both the diagnostic and therapeutic process by itself, but also to expert physicians. METHODS In this report, we have attempted to increase the awareness of unidentified pathogens by(More)
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