Pei Shu Huang

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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is one of the most widely accepted choices to obtain competitive advantage for manufacturing companies. However, the successful implementation rate is low and many firms did not achieve intended goals in China. This study develops an ERP implementation success framework by adapting the Ives et al. information(More)
Traditional collaborative filtering algorithm is a weighted average prediction algorithm based on nearest neighbors' ratings. Besides similarity between users, trust and credit are also parameters to affect recommendation. This paper proposes a computational model of credit factor and then a collaborative filtering algorithm based on it. This model is based(More)
Content-Centric Networking (CCN) proposes a shift from the traditional host-centric communication to a content-centric paradigm, which focuses on the delivery of content to target users. Routing mechanism is a major issue of CCN and has a pivotal role on CCN system performance, where content is addressed by their names instead of their host locations.(More)
At present, the research on the problem of social information process has transferred from the qualitative descriptions to the quantitative assessments. And evaluation theories and methods has become the integral and important part with the theory of information process. This dissertation points out a theoretical model used at the level evaluation for the(More)
Wireless Sensor network (WSN) plays an important role in applications like surveillance, agriculture monitoring, health monitoring, industrial automation etc. Large number of low cost sensor nodes are distributed that can communicate with each other. WSN MAC protocols can be classified in to Synchronous, Asynchronous, Multiple channels and Frame based [2].(More)
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