Pei Qiang Yang

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We report that assemblies formed by eight oligopeptides at phospholipid-decorated interfaces of thermotropic liquid crystals (LCs) trigger changes in ordering of the LCs that are dependent on the secondary structures of the oligopeptides (as characterized in situ using infrared-visible sum-frequency spectroscopy).
G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) are integral membrane proteins involved in a wide variety of biological processes in eukaryotic cells, and are targeted by a large fraction of marketed drugs. GPCR kinases (GRKs) play important roles in feedback regulation of GPCRs, such as of β-adrenergic receptors in the heart, where GRK2 and GRK5 are the major isoforms(More)
In this study, chlorophyll fluorescence parameters (∆F/F m′, F v/F m) and oxygen evolution of female vegetative tissues of Porphyra katadai var. hemiphylla in unisexual culture (FV) and in mixed culture with male vegetative tissues (FV-M) were followed at 5–20 °C, 10 and 80 μmol photons m−2 s−1. The formation of reproductive tissues was closely correlated(More)
At present silkworm cocoons, dried, boiled and reeled, are the female and male mix, so it's very difficult to produce high grade raw silk in large quantity. In the progress of the silk reeling what we can do to separate the complex of female and male silkworms still encounters presently certain difficulties. In this paper the intrinsic relaxation time of(More)
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