Pei Ling Leow

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Three seizure types have been described in the neonate: electroclinical, electrographic, and clinical only. Controversy still exists about whether the episodic abnormal movements seen in some infants, which are not accompanied by simultaneous ictal discharges on the EEG, are true seizures. Twenty-four infants with seizures were studied, 17 had purely(More)
Neurotransmission is a key process of communication between neurons. Although much is known about this process and the influence it has on the function of the body, little is understood about the dynamics of signalling from structural regions of a single neuron. In this study we have fabricated and characterised a microelectrode array (MEA) which was(More)
This paper demonstrates a modular architecture of a non-contact actuation micropump setup. Rapid hot embossing prototyping was employed in micropump fabrication by using printed circuit board (PCB) as a mold material in polymer casting. Actuator-membrane gap separation was studied, with experimental investigation of three separation distances: 2.0 mm, 2.5(More)
This paper describes the process of developing a miniature device with planar sensors utilizing electrical capacitance measurement. The project investigates the feasibility and characterization of a miniaturized planar sensor integrated on a polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) chamber. A 16-planar-electrodes array, with each dimension of the electrode, 4 mm × 2 mm(More)
Foodborne illness presents a public health challenge in USA. There is an urgent need for the federal government and food industries to expand efforts to prevent any food contamination that potentially could be harmful to human health. The Food Safety Laboratory (FSL), ARS, USDA, is one of the leading laboratories for the development of optoelec-tronic(More)
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