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Etanercept (ETN) has been widely applied in the treatment of ankylosing spondylitis (AS). As the use of ETN has increased, associated adverse effects have been reported frequently. Previous meta-analyses have focused on comparing the differences in clinical outcomes between ETN and placebo (PBO). The present meta-analysis evaluated randomised controlled(More)
In order to improve the visualization simulation effect of water wave, we use the images of actual water wave as a feedback to correct the control parameters of Shallow Water (SW) equations in this paper. First, we employ a kind of simplified numerical method to resolve the SW equations and create an initial water wave animation. The initial control(More)
Direct digital frequency synthesizer (DDFS) plays an important role in modern digital communications. This paper proposes a novel implementation of a 300MHz direct digital frequency based on modified CORDIC in 0.35µm CMOS technology. The CORDIC algorithm is a well-know iteration method for the efficient computation of fundamental functions, but each(More)
In order to solve the problem of CAD model and its property can not be transformed to CAE software, a method of model data transformation based on Tribon XML file is presented. First of all, the data of ship, block, panel, hole, stiffener, material and thickness are read, and then stored in a set of self-defined model data structure based on Tribon XML(More)
The author used an eye-tracking methodology to examine the influence of the concept-mapping learning strategy on learners performing an English reading task. Eighty-six freshmen enrolled in English courses participated in this control-group pretest-posttest experiment, and received either traditional or concept-mapping instruction for learning English(More)
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