Pei-Lan Lin

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The aim of this study was to elucidate the effect of the major storage protein dioscorin isolated from two different yam species, Tainong No. 1 (TN1-dioscorins) and Japanese yam (Dj-dioscorins), on the immune activities of mice. Dj-dioscorins, like TN1-dioscorins, could induce expression of the pro-inflammatory cytokines and stimulate phagocytosis of RAW(More)
Diethyl ether (ether), a volatile organic compound, is widely used as an industrial solvent and easily released to the environment. Acute exposure of tomato plants to high concentrations of ether caused young leaves to curl. Histochemical analyses revealed that superoxide anion (•O2 −) and hydrogen peroxide were formed sequentially by ether, and that •O2 −(More)
Compressed cache was used in shared last level cache (LLC) to increase the effective capacity [1]. However, because of various data compression sizes, fragmentation problem of storage is inevitable in this cache design. When it happens, usually, a compaction process is invoked to make contiguous storage space. This compaction process induces extra cycle(More)
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