Pei-Lan Lei

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Web searches entail complex cognitive processes influenced by individual differences, and users with similar cognitive or skill factors tend to develop multiple search strategies. The authors analyze such strategies in terms of level of thinking style (global versus local), search targets, and six search behavior indicators and report (a) a significant(More)
0747-5632/$ see front matter 2009 Elsevier Ltd. A doi:10.1016/j.chb.2009.05.003 * Corresponding author. Address: Graduate Schoo tional Education, National Taiwan University of Scienc Keelung Road, Taipei 106, Taiwan, ROC. Tel.: +886 27376433. E-mail address: (G.Y.-M. Kao Google Earth search function was used to study the impacts of(More)
Image searches are now crucial for obtaining information, constructing knowledge, and building successful educational outcomes. We investigated how reading ability and Internet experience influence keyword-based image search behaviors and performance. We categorized 58 junior-high-school students into four groups of high/low reading ability and(More)
This study focuses on the design of several social agents that are intended to collect the self-reflections of learners while learners are immersed in simulation activities for knowledge building. The design of the agents follows 5W principles and seeks to encourage learners to expend mental effort upon multi-faceted learning and self-reflection. Using(More)
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