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As popularity of the Internet continues to grow, it changes the way of computer crime. Number of computer crime increases dramatically in recent years and investigators have been facing the difficulty of admissibility of digital evidence. To solve this problem, we must collect evidence by digital forensics techniques and analyze the digital data, or recover(More)
As the popularity of the internet continues growing, not only change our life, but also change the way of crime. Number of crime by computer as tools, place or target, cases of such offenders increases these days, fact to the crime of computer case traditional investigators have been unable to complete the admissibility of evidence. To solve this problem,(More)
There have been several studies on using computer technologies to improve elections and these studies lead to widespread adoption of “direct recording electronic” (DRE) voting systems in recent years. In an electronic-voting system, voters go to their voting places and prove that they are allowed to vote there by presenting an ID card with(More)
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