Pei-Hsuan Tsai

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BACKGROUND & AIMS Glutamine (Gln) is known to have immunomodulatory effects. Previous studies reported that Gln promotes insulin secretion in type 2 diabetes. However, the effects of Gln on insulin-deficient type 1 diabetes are not clear. This study investigated the effects of dietary Gln supplementation on adhesion molecule expression and oxidative damage(More)
There are close links among hyperglycaemia, oxidative stress and diabetic complications. Glutamine (GLN) is an amino acid with immunomodulatory properties. The present study investigated the effect of dietary GLN on oxidative stress-relative gene expressions and tissue oxidative damage in diabetes. There were one normal control (NC) and two diabetic groups(More)
—Medication dispensers treated in this paper are designed to help improve compliance by users who live at homes and take medications over long periods of time. The paper first presents an overview of medication specifications that define constraints for dispensers and dispenser components that administer medications as specified. When given a specification(More)
This paper presents the architecture and implementation of an automatic medication dispenser specifically for users who take medications without close professional supervision. By relieving the users from the error-prone tasks of interpreting medication directions and administrating medications accordingly, the device can improve rigor in compliance and(More)
We describe here the prescription algebra and its implementation for medication authoring tools. The tools are parts of medication use process, which consists of prescription entry systems, medication authoring tool, medication scheduling specification, medication scheduler, and programmable pill dispenser. A medication authoring tool aids the pharmacists(More)
Many disaster warning and response systems can improve their surveillance coverage of the threatened area by supplementing in-situ and remote sensor data with crowdsourced human sensor data captured and sent by people in the area. This revised version of a 2012 technical report also presents fusion methods which enable a crowdsourcing enhanced system to use(More)
This paper describes a component model and component-based architecture of smart devices and systems that are designed to enhance life quality and well being of elderly individuals. In addition to providing the traditional view of hardware, firmware and software components, the model also provides developers with an operational view. The view enables the(More)
During the usage of conventional stereo microscope, repetitive head movement are often inevitable for the users to retrieve information away from the microscope. Moreover, risks of surgeons loosing focus and increasing fatigue could also arise during microsurgeries. Therefore, Scope+, a stereoscopic video see-through augmented reality system was created not(More)
Keywords: Business model e-book Hybrid fuzzy model Business strategy a b s t r a c t This study evaluates an appropriate business model for e-book firms in Taiwan. We apply expert questionnaires to calculate the weights, which contain five criteria, namely, business strategy (BS), finance characteristics (FC), market characteristics (MC), quality(More)