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Simmons first proposed the concept of subliminal channel in 1983. Since then, many subliminal channels based on digital signatures are proposed. A (t,n) threshold scheme allows a secret to be shared among n users so that only t or more users can reconstruct the secret. In this paper, we combine both concepts to propose the first threshold subliminal channel(More)
Certificateless signature scheme is a practical solution to confront the drawback, Key Generation Center (KGC) being able to forge the signature of a user, of an identity based (ID-based) signature scheme. Lots of previous research results have shown the security models and the generic constructions for certificateless signatures. However, most of them did(More)
Many security mechanisms for mobile communications have been introduced in the literature. Among these mechanisms, authentication plays a quite important role in the entire mobile network system and acts as the first defense against attackers since it can ensure the correctness of the identities of distributed communication entities before they engage in(More)
The concept of subliminal channel was first proposed in 1983. After that, many subliminal channel schemes based on digital signatures are proposed. A convertible undeniable signature is an undeniable signature and can be converted to a general digital signature. In this paper, we combine both concepts to propose a new scheme which can embed subliminal(More)
-A new open-source tool chain with malware collection, detection, and analysis is presented, evaluated, and open sourced. It actively collects malware through two channels: web-links and peer-to-peer. Then it detects malware with multiple anti-virus scanners and analyzes their host and network activities on virtual machines. The evaluation shows the(More)
In this paper, we propose a secure certificate less signature scheme supporting batch verification, which makes it possible for a verifier to verify a set of signatures more efficiently than verifying them one by one. In our proposed scheme, it is impossible for PKG to produce a signature which is indistinguishable from any signature produced by a user.(More)