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IKONOS 1-m panchromatic and 4-m multispectral images were used to map mangroves in a study site located at Punta Galeta on the Caribbean coast of Panama. We hypothesized that spectral separability among mangrove species would be enhanced by taking the object as the basic spatial unit as opposed to the pixel. Three different classification methods were(More)
Checking program entities for finding faults is extremely tedious for developers. Fault localization techniques are designed to give a rank list of the probability that program entities incur faults to assist developers to locate faults. Mutation-based fault localization is a recently proposed fault localization approach via mutation analysis. With improved(More)
The Fe<inf>100&#x2212;x</inf>Ga<inf>x</inf> (x &#x003D; 15&#x2013;21) Fe<inf>83</inf>Ga<inf>17</inf>Tb<inf>x</inf> (x &#x003D; 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8) alloys were prepared by non-consumable arc-melting method. The microstructure and magnetostrictive properties of Fe<inf>100&#x2212;x</inf> Ga<inf>x</inf> (x &#x003D; 15&#x2013;21)(More)
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