Pei-Fen Chang

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UNLABELLED Ethnic differences in discharge destination among older patients with traumatic brain injury. OBJECTIVE To estimate the association between ethnicity and discharge destination in older patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI). DESIGN A retrospective analysis. SETTING Nationally representative sample of older patients from the Uniform Data(More)
BACKGROUND Hip fracture results in severe and often permanent reductions in overall health and quality of life for many older adults. As the U.S. population grows older and more diverse, there is an increasing need to assess and improve outcomes across racial/ethnic cohorts of older hip fracture patients. METHODS We examined data from 42,479 patients(More)
OBJECTIVES This study explores the roles of place attachment, nonfamily social involvement, place valuation, and individual characteristics in the process of becoming at home in assisted living residences. METHODS Purposive sampling and cross-sectional data by means of a questionnaire completed by current assisted living residents in four states (N = 297)(More)
This study describes the major approaches involved in determining the needs for people within an on-lined community, identifying potential active teachers, and then creating a motivational structure to support these teachers. The main goal of the research is to propose a communication system to encourage teachers to contribute their expertise to the on-line(More)
 This study was conducted to explore how creative problem-solving processes and divergent thinking can be closely integrated and taught, and what are the factors to enhance students’ ability for creative learning. One research question was investigated: What were the qualitative differences between the case study and the mindmapping on students’ attitudes(More)
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