Pei-Chun Shih

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BACKGROUND We have observed discrepancies between C-reactive protein (CRP) measured in serum prepared from a serum separator tube (SST) and that obtained from a plain tube, when using the Vitros CRP assay. Our study aimed at elucidating the cause of these discrepancies. METHODS Eighty-seven specimens from hospitalized patients with various types of(More)
Hydrothermally stable and structrurally ordered mesoporous and microporous aluminosilicates with different pore sizes have been synthesized to immobilize cytochrome c (cyt c): MAS-9 (pore size 90 A), MCM-48-S (27 A), MCM-41-S (25 A), and Y zeolites (7.4 A). The amount of cyt c adsorption could be increased by the introduction of aluminum into the framework(More)
A recent report has shown that the relationship, at the latent variable level, between fluid ability and working memory capacity is affected by the time allowed for completing problems requiring the former (Chuderski, 2013): the greater the time, the lower the relationship. The underlying argument is that unti-med administration of fluid ability problems(More)
Extracting information or discovering knowledge from wireless or mobile grids is becoming increasingly important issues. Most researches in grid environment only consider data mining time. Other constraints, such as energy consumption and immediate bandwidth that are more important in the mobile computing will physically affect the performance and system(More)
In this paper, we propose an agent and ontology based information retrieval architecture for mobile grid, named AIR, to discover and extract from mobile grid environment in a flexible, transparent, and easy way. Based on the AIR, users can submit a flat-text based request to mobile grid for discovering information or knowledge. The request will be(More)
In presence of 7.5 microM of curcumin, no embryos or larva of zebrafish survived 3 days of incubation; however, coincubation with 144 microg/ml silymarin increased the survival rates of curcumin-treated embryos and larvae to about 70%. Moreover, in presence of 12.5 microM curcumin, all embryos died after 2 days of incubation; however, co-treatment with 144(More)
In this paper, we, based on mobile agent technology, propose a Resource-Aware Knowledge Extraction aRchitecture on mobile grid, named RAKER. RAKER can dynamically determine the processing and policy for achieving high-performance and high availability of knowledge extracting based on our previous proposed Resource Estimation Model. On the RAKER, users can(More)
Computerized tasks allow a more fine-grained analysis of the strategy deployed in a task designed to map a specific ability than the usual assessment on the basis of only the level of performance. Manipulations expected to impair performance sometimes do not have that effect, probably because the level of performance alone can confound the assessment of the(More)